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The Commission is committed to servicing our CNMI residents and stakeholders every step of the way. We strive to provide useful information and efficient processes for ease of transactions. 

Dependent on the type of license issued by the Commission, a licensed cannabis business will be authorized to commercially cultivate, manufacture, store, distribute, allow for onsite consumption, or sale of marijuana to a person 21 years of age or older within the Commonwealth.


Explore the links below to access tools and policy guidance to assist in our efforts in providing you with access to all your indica and sativa (and all else in between) needs.

The Commission has the ability to issue the following types of commercial cannabis licenses:



Before submitting your application packet to the CNMI Cannabis Commission, ensure that the following documents and information are included:
  1. Completed Commercial Cannabis Application
  2. All Required Business Documents
  3. All Required Individual History Forms
  4. All Supporting Documents Listed in the Associated License Appendix
  5. Completed Payment Confirmation Form
  6. Copy of Receipt of Payment
For questions or concerns, email

Licensed producers may plant, cultivate, grow, harvest and dry marijuana in the manner approved by the Commission and consistent with 4 CMC § 53022 and the Commission's regulations. Engagement in indoor or outdoor production of marijuana, or a combination of the two is permitted. The classes of each license are dependent upon canopy space and allow for up to 5,000 SF of grow space per license, and up to 25 mature plants for micro producers.

Small Plant

A wholesale licensee may purchase marijuana items in this Commonwealth for resale to a person other than a consumer in this Commonwealth, such as a licensed marijuana establishment.

Retailer & Lounge
Cafe Window

Processor licensees are permitted the processing, compounding, or conversion of marijuana, either directly or indirectly by extraction from substances of natural origin, or independently by means of chemical synthesis, or by a combination of extraction and chemical synthesis. In the absence of a licensed testing facility in the CNMI, the potential processor applicant may choose to seek an endorsement from the Commission to allow for its licensure.

A retailer is a licensee who sells marijuana products to a consumer. Class I lounge licensees have the ability to allow for onsite consumption and sell marijuana products from its establishment, provided they are in possession of a retailer license simultaneously, while Class II lounge licensees may only permit onsite consumption and cannot sell marijuana products to its customers.

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